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Private Drug Treatment Should Always Be Preferred Over Incarceration

I spend most of my days in the courtroom handling criminal cases advocating for my clients. Over time, I have become increasingly passionate about providing my clients the opportunity to attend private drug treatment over incarceration. Private treatment or private rehab is a viable alternative to incarceration that should be utilized more. I believe the Courts, Probation, District Attorney’s Office, Private Attorneys, Public Defender, and Jails need to do a better job working together in order to provide opportunities for defendants to receive drug treatment when requested. In this article, I suggest the Courts introduce a Private Treatment Coordinator (PTC) to evaluate the ability of a defendant to attend private drug treatment. Of course, my proposal would require legislative change which is something I am working on with a group called The Freedom Initiative. The Freedom Initiative is a non-profit with the purpose of “bridging the gap” for any addict in recovery. What this means, is to provide support and resources for any person going through recovery that is in crisis. Our mission is to make sure that an addict in recovery stays in recovery. If you are interested in becoming a part of The Freedom Initiative please contact me. It is open to anyone and everyone is encouraged to join.