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Corporate and Business Law Attorney in Athens, Georgia

At our firm, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to serve you and your business.

For-Profit Businesses - We have experience serving businesses across the entire state of Georgia, and are your go-to firm whether you are starting a new business in your garage, changing your business structure, or merging your existing business with another one. Whether you are looking to form a new business or change your existing business structure, we have experience with LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, Professional Associations, S-Corps, and more.

Business Litigation

Establishment of Private Charitable Entities - Churches and other charitable entities are not like For-Profit businesses, and should not be treated in the same manner. At our firm, we have the experience needed to address the needs of your charitable entity. Whether you are seeking to form a nonprofit corporation, obtain IRS 501(c)3 status, or simply learn what qualifies as a charity, we are your go-to law firm.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Commonly abbreviated to M&A, Mergers, and Acquisitions can be a relatively easy experience for the business owners involved, or a potential minefield of consequences if conducted improperly. Our team has experience on “both sides of the table”, both having merged businesses as attorneys, and having been business owners selling businesses and merging them with others. This unique perspective accounting for the legal elements, as well as the emotions involved with relinquishing control of what you have built, provides an insight that other law firms may not possess and is sure to make your merger or acquisition a seamless one.