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Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Athens, Georgia

Utilizing the services of a qualified and knowledgeable estate planning attorney such as the ones at our firm can result in the peace of mind that comes from knowing your final wishes will be carried out exactly as you would like. Following a person’s death, their loved ones may be saddled with unnecessary stress and financial burden in the event that your estate plan is not properly executed. In order to avoid such an unnecessary and complicated strain on your loved ones, contact the professional estate planning attorneys at our firm to ensure that your final wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning

Whether your estate is small or large, every adult needs an estate plan to ensure that their assets pass to their loved ones in the desired manner. At our firm, our estate planning attorneys are well versed in all manner of estate planning including:

Wills - Wills are binding documents that pass your assets to your loved ones following your death. At our firm, we offer wills for simple estates, as well as more complicated ones to encompass all manner of assets, estates, and final wishes.

Powers of Attorney - A power of attorney is a document that a person executes which allows another person to act on their behalf. While there are different types of powers of attorney, two that are commonly used in estate planning are the Durable Power of Attorney for Property, and the Advance Directive for Healthcare, which was formerly known as the Living Will. These documents allow someone that you appoint to manage your property and healthcare decisions in the event that you are ever unable to do so and are important documents in estate planning. The attorneys at our firm possess the knowledge and skills to use powers of attorney as an important part of your comprehensive estate plan.

Trusts - Often the term ‘Trust’ invokes thoughts of accounts worth millions and sprawling lands. Many people hear the word, and think that this is something that “I don’t need to worry about.” In reality, the formation of a trust is a very important element to many different estate plans, and levels of income. At our firm, our estate planning attorneys are skilled in the drafting, administration, and utilization of all types of trusts including:

  • charitable trusts

  • special needs trust

  • inter vivos trusts

  • testamentary trusts

  • revocable and irrevocable trusts

  • spendthrift trusts

Business Succession and Transfer Planning - One of the most rewarding things that a person may accomplish in their lifetime is to build a successful business from the ground up. Many people consider this the epitome of the American dream. As proud of an accomplishment as building a business may be, it may also present its own set of challenges when the time comes to pass the business to the next generation. At our firm, we have extensive knowledge, both personally and professionally, of what is required in order to make this transition a smooth one.


A common misconception is that the sole act of a person writing a will is enough to pass ownership from one to another at death. This is untrue for several reasons. First, wills have to follow certain legal requirements in order to be held valid by a court. Secondly, the filing of a will with the court is what begins the process (known as the probate process) of changing the legal ownership of the property from the person who has passed away to the persons who will inherit their property.

At our firm, we have extensive knowledge of both the legal requirements to craft a valid estate plan, as well as the legal proceedings that occur following a person’s passing. We offer our clients a full range of probate services and estate administration including:

  • Trust and Estate administration

  • Probate Court Representation

  • Executor duties

  • Fiduciary duties

  • Advising services for executors and trustees

  • Probate litigation