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Adoption is an area of law that can be an incredibly happy one, but it is natural to have many questions about how the adoption process works. The overall adoption process can provide all parties involved with an increased quality of life, and the chance at new opportunities, but likewise, may seem overwhelming. The services and guidance of a Georgia licensed attorney with experience in adoptions, such as the attorneys that you will find at Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law, will prove invaluable to you to answer questions and guide the adoption process from start to finish. Our firm is experienced with many different types of adoptions including:

Agency adoption: this type of adoption may include adopting a child from a traditional adoption agency, as well as adopting a child that is currently under the care of the State of Georgia for various reasons. At Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law, we have the experience needed to navigate the legal hurdles that may be presented whether adopting in either form, and you can rest assured that our guidance in your agency adoption with prove to be invaluable.

Private adoption: Private adoptions are also known as independent adoptions, these occur when a person or couple chooses to forego the services of an adoption agency. In this situation, the adoptive parent or parents either work directly with the expecting mother or couple, or through the services of an intermediary such a doctor, member of the clergy, or an attorney. While this adoption option avoids some of the issues that may arise when adopting through a traditional adoption agency, private adoptions may also present their own set of legal questions, and the services of a competent adoption attorney, such as the ones that you will find at Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law, will prove invaluable.

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Interstate adoption: If you live in Georgia, but the child that you wish to adopt does not, then the adoption process may become more complex. In such a situation, the services of an experienced Georgia licensed adoption attorney, like the ones that you will find at Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law, should be utilized to research applicable state laws and provide that appropriate guidance that will be required during this happy time.

International adoption: International adoptions may prove to be some of the most rewarding, but likewise, may prove to be some of the most complicated. In the case of international adoptions, there are many different sets of laws that must be followed including Georgia law, US Immigration law, and the various laws of the country that the child is being adopted from. While this process may be daunting, the knowledge and experience of a qualified international adoption attorney, such as the ones that you will find at Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law will be a critical part of completing your international adoption.

Step-parent adoption: In the case of step-parent adoptions, there are two very important and distinct steps that must be completed. First, the parental rights of the child’s biological parent must be terminated. After the parental rights of the biological parent are terminated, the adoption by the step-parent may occur. Often this is an appropriate option when the biological parent is no longer active in the child’s life, and the termination of the biological parent’s parental rights may be either voluntary or involuntary.

Kinship adoption: Often referred to as relative adoption, this form of adoption may occur when a person wishes to adopt a child that is already a member of their extended family. Kinship adoptions present their own set of challenges that may come in navigating certain family dynamics in order to complete the process.

Regardless of the form of adoption that you will be pursuing, the Jeffrey A. Jackson, Attorney at Law team can guide you every step of the way.