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Real Estate Attorney in Athens, Georgia

Our firm represents many types of real estate clients, including property buyers, sellers, owners, lessors, and lessees across the entire state of Georgia in various types of proceedings and transactions. We are capable of handling all aspects of the initial purchase and sale, development, construction issues and defects, mortgages, foreclosures, and leases of both commercial and residential property, as well as real estate litigation matters.

Our firm is adept at handling real estate matters regardless of the size or type of property involved. Our clients own property ranging from single-family dwellings to industrial commercial properties. Our comprehensive real estate law services include a full range of transactions and issues.

Facing a Dispute with Real Estate?

These include:

Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation - Beginning a real estate transaction with a well-written contract can help ensure that your interests are thoroughly protected. Our attorneys are well versed in different areas of business and real estate law, ensuring that the contracts we draft or review for you will consider a multitude of different possibilities in order to help protect your interests.

Purchase and Sale - Buying or selling a home or commercial property can be a complex process. Our attorneys and staff have extensive knowledge of procedures and applicable laws to ensure that your real estate transaction is a flawless one.

For Sale By Owner Transactions - Parties to a real estate transaction that chooses to forego the services of a licensed real estate agent often have many questions. Our team has extensive experience with For Sale By Owner transactions and can help guide you through this process with diligence and skill.

Easements - An easement is the right to use and access real property owned by another party. Our real estate lawyers have experience handling all types of easement matters including negotiation, drafting, and creating easements between adjacent landowners, as well as litigating easement disputes.

Title Issues - A clean title is essential to real estate transactions, whether it involves a real estate purchase and sale, inheritance-related conveyance, or partition action. Our attorneys apply our extensive knowledge and experience regarding the “chain of title” to each real estate transaction and devote the attention that is necessary to identify and resolve title issues prior to the transfer of title and deed. Our experience and know-how in addressing complex title issues are beneficial to residential and commercial real estate clients alike

Resolving liens and other title problems -We handle title examination and the resolution of title defects, such as those resulting from tax liens, mechanic’s liens, or other claims made against the property. In appropriate cases, our service extends to title insurance policy review and quiet title actions to remove encumbrances.

Leases -There are many issues that need to be addressed in commercial and residential leases. At our firm, we advise and represent real estate owners, developers, investors, landlords, and managers using our skill and savvy to craft and enforce suitable agreements. Where necessary, our service extends to help with evictions.

Litigation -While many real estate legal matters involve parties that are agreeable, we are the team to turn to when disagreements arise. We handle many types of real estate-related litigation including contract or boundary disputes, damages related to nuisance and environmental hazards, foreclosures, construction defects, and drafting and recording all types of liens, we are the team to turn to for representation in your real estate litigation.

Our team of knowledgeable attorneys and support staff is prepared to assist you in all aspects of real estate law, depending on your needs and goals. We proceed with decisiveness while exercising caution as necessary to avoid litigation and resolve disputes in the most expeditious, beneficial way for our clients.

Our real estate law firm is known for responsiveness and attentiveness to clients’ needs. Property buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords trust in our knowledge and preparedness, whether we are serving their interests in a real estate transaction or guiding their interests in any other real estate matter. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Georgia real estate attorney, please call our firm at (770)-846-0237.